If you have a Rubik's 4th Dimension Cube you will need to learn how to correctly align the symbols which are found on four of the six faces.  If you have solved the colors on all of the faces first then you will need to learn several more complex series of face turns in order to rotate the four symbols so that all are upright. 

But that would be a waste of time and effort for, if you align the symbols first, the process is simplicity itself provided you use the method given on these pages to solve the cube.  The cube must be held so that the symbols are on the vertical faces while placing edge pieces but orientation is immaterial while placing corner pieces.  If a vertical face is rotated in a given direction early in an Edge Piece Series then it is rotated in the opposite direction later.  At the conclusion of every series the four symbols will each have the same alignment as they did in the beginning.  Therefore, if you properly align all four symbols before you begin to apply The Ultimate Solution then the symbols will be properly aligned when you have completed the solution.

Hold the cube so that either the orange or the red face is on the top (that is, either of the faces without one of the symbols on it).  Put three of the top edge pieces in place relative to each other.  Make sure that the fourth top edge piece is on the bottom of the cube with its top face color on the bottom face of the cube.

The position where the fourth top edge piece belongs is above one of the four vertical face symbols.  It makes no difference which one.  The fourth top edge piece must not be below this symbol.   If necessary, rotate the bottom face so that this fourth edge piece is in one of the other positions.  Now rotate the vertical face (if necessary) so that the symbol is upright.

Rotate the top face 90o and repeat this process for the second symbol.  Again rotate the top face 90o and carry out this process for the third symbol.

Rotate the top face one more time and the fourth symbol will be below the slot where the fourth top edge piece belongs.   This time rotate the vertical face so that the symbol is upside down.  Now rotate the bottom face so that the fourth top edge piece is below the last symbol.   Rotate this vertical face by 180o.  The fourth symbol is properly aligned (upright) and the fourth top edge piece is in place relative to the other three.   Rotate the top face until the top edge pieces are properly aligned with the vertical face colors.

All four symbols are properly aligned as are the top edge pieces.  Complete the remaining steps of The Ultimate Solution and the Rubik's 4th Dimension Cube will be restored to its original condition.  Now wasn't that easy?