Next, the Bottom Corners will be completed. This will require you to flip your cube upside down so that the semi-completed Orange side is facing up right, once again.

This is a two step process.

Positioning: First Pair

First, locate the two corners on the bottom layer that have Yellow on them. If they are next to each other, simply rotate the bottom until those two yellow corners are on the front side. If they are in their proper positions, you can proceed to the back two corners. If they need to be swapped, follow the steps below:

The Diagonal Match

In the event that your yellow pieces were diagonally across from each other, position the Yellow/Red/White corner in the front lower left corner. This way we can move the other corner into its correct position

The Other Two Corners

Once the two Yellow corners have been placed, we need to work on the two Green Corners. Start by spinning your cube until the two Yellow corners that you have just completed are on the back side of the cube.

The two Green Corners will either be properly positioned or they will be in each other's position. If they are indeed backwards, perform the following step. If they are already in place, proceed to the next step.

Finishing the Bottom Corners

At this point, all 4 corners are in place but they probably are not properly rotated yet. This next step will require you to flip your cube over again, so that the Orange Side is on the bottom.

Fortunately there is only one procedure to remember when orienting the Bottom Corners. Unfortunately you will have to remember 7 different configurations if you intend to commit this entire process to memory.

Match your cube to one of the 7 patterns below and then follow the accompanying procedure. After finishing the procedure you will either have completed the Bottom Corners or you will have produced one of the other 7 patterns. You may need to perform this step up to a maximum of 3 times to solve the Bottom Corners.

The next step is to put the Bottom and Top Edges in place.