Now that you have completed the Top Corners, you are ready to position all of the Top Edges of your Rubik's Cube.

The Top Edges

When you are finished with this step of the solution, you will have a cube that looks like this:

The Four Top Edges

You will need to find an edge piece that belongs on the top layer.

So that you do not undo the hard work you accomplished in putting the top corners in place, please do not rotate any of the sides of the cube while looking for these pieces. You are only allowed to spin the bottom layer or the middle layer.

We now need to strategically position your found piece. Spin either the bottom layer or the middle layer in order to position your found piece to match one of the 5 possible scenarios below. Follow the instructions below each scenario to properly position that one piece. Repeat this process up to 4 time to place all 4 edge pieces on the top.

When you have completely finished the top edges, you
will be ready to SOLVE the Center Row.